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Scent:  A gourmand scent that summons images of a candlelight dinner where the handsome waiter in tux brings over this delicious smelling after-dinner cocktail. You take a sip. It's perfect. Sweet. Intoxicating. Just like the evening. What in the world, you wonder? You find out that it's got several liquors (vodka and cognac) hidden behind a flavored blend of sugared pecans, pralines, cacao blanc, caramelized nougat, French toast and even a little pumpkin. You wish you could smell this again and again. And now you can.  

Product: Premium Parasoy blended wax, phthalate-free fragrance, Dye chip made specifically for candle products.

Wt:  2.75 oz / 78 g  

While there is no direct flame with wax melts, there are still safety precautions to take, so please read the warning label on your warmer and on the inside of your wax melt clamshell, which reads:

"Warning: To prevent fire or injury, remove packaging before use. Use only in tea-light or electric warmers approved for wax melts. Read and follow instructions provided with your warmer before use. Do NOT leave melter unattended while in use. Keep out of reach of children and pets. 

Instructions: Do NOT add water or melt on stove top or in non-approved appliances. Use in well ventilated areas away from flammable materials. Discontinue use if dish contains less than 1/2 inch of wax."