Our lotion bars are made with a combination of carefully-selected oils, butters, wax, and other ingredients that offer similar skin-loving benefits to dry, thirsty skin that are found in a moisturizing lotion or body butter. Most people don't realize that water or similar liquid make up 50 percent and often much more of the ingredients found in a pourable lotion and some body butters. Solid lotion bars are anhydrous products, meaning they contain no water, allowing them to take a solid compact form which makes them easy to transport, easy to package & store, and without the need of adding  a preservative. These bars are about as natural a way to hydrate thirsty skin as you can find. The natural scent of some of the butters such as cocoa butter can make them quite pleasant in their unscented form. We will also offer some that are lightly scented or colored with the use of skin-safe micas and essential oils and/or phthalate-free fragrance oils.  

Lotion bars are easy to use. Simply remove the bar and place it on the surface of your skin for a minute and let the natural warmth of your body begin to soften the bar until you can easily glide it over your skin. These are great to keep handy for use on trouble spots such as elbows, heels, or hands. Because of their compact size, they are also easy to store just about anywhere and excellent for travel. We suggest storing your lotion bar in a cool place, avoiding exposure to higher temperatures and water.