Great skin is mostly about moisture, and our moisturizing skin lotion will help keep your skin delightfully hydrated. We have carefully selected fast-absorbing, non-greasy oils and extracts of the highest quality to be included in our lotions that will help your skin feel soft and moisturized. In order to draw additional moisture to your skin and hold it there like little barriers of water magnets, we have also included ingredients known as humectants and occlusives. That is where the waxes and glycerine come in. All of these ingredients work wonderfully together to keep your skin looking and feeling silky smooth, supple, and youthfully radiant.

Pamper yourself with one of our beautifully-scented moisturizing skin lotions and notice how soft and hydrated your skin will feel. May we also suggest trying our unscented version, which is excellent for face use or for those with scent sensitivities.