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An Intriguing Mixture of New World and Old World Scents

Trade Winds is both warm and masculine, but women find this scent irresistible, too. Built on contrasting aromas of mint, vanilla and lavender, you'll also find present hints of bergamot, tonka bean, orange blossom and cedar wood.  Some find the fragrance similar to Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male

(This is a tallow-based shaving soap using only premium quality ingredients. Some of our ingredient superstars include shea butter, kokum butter, glycerin, and lanolin. The tallow we use is of unsurpassed quality using only the kidney fat, and we are committed to only using 100% organic raised and certified organic grass-fed beef, free from antibiotics, synthetic hormones, GMO feed, or pesticide exposure.)   

Ingredients: Potassium Tallowate, Sodium Tallowate, Potassium Stearate, Sodium Stearate, Potassium Shea Butterate, Sodium Shea Butterate, Aloe Vera Juice, Potassium Cocoate, Sodium Cocoate, Fragrance, Potassium Kokum Butterate, Sodium Kokum Butterate, Sodium Lactate, Lanolin, Glycerin, Tussah Silk

Available in 5 oz. jars, 3 oz pucks and 1 oz. samples. 

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    Posted by LM on Jun 15th 2019

    Good soap one of the best I tried!!!