Aftershave Balm

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Aftershave Balm

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    C&C Aftershave Balm 'Orange Frost' test-size

    Posted by Kevin Ansberry on Jun 13th 2017

    The Perfect Summer Aftershave Balm: Leaves my face post-shave feeling refreshed, smooth (no oily nor shiny). Easy to apply and is quickly absorbed on the face. No greasiness. Some balms require me to wipe my hands on a towel due to the residue following facial application. Not so with this balm sample. I couldn’t detect any menthol ‘sting’ to the balm— perhaps because I used the balm following a menthol-lather shave, or there simply wasn’t any added. I do like the overall ‘refreshing face feel’ this product leaves. One note: the balm could benefit from a slightly strong fragrance. The scent is wonderful but I found it dissipated rather quickly after application. I do realize this IS a balm, not a cologne, but I still like to have my wife come up several hours after shaving and still say, “Oh, I like what you’re wearing. What is that?”